Our Mission:

We provide our clients with accessible and responsive, trauma informed, recovery-oriented mental health and addiction services throughout their lifespan, through treatment, rehabilitation, and support, guided and supported by our clients, family members and communities.

Our Vision:

Mentally healthy people living with dignity in a respectful, equitable, caring, and inclusive stigma-free society.

Our Values:

  1. Client focused and culturally appropriate
  2. Guided by the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations
  3. Evidence-informed decision makers
  4. Fiscally responsible and accountable to those we serve and our partners
  5. Environmentally responsible
  6. Empowering our staff and clients
  7. Ensure safety
  8. Provide holistic care
  9. Be innovative

Contact Information

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1 (807) 468-1838
227 Second Street South
Kenora, Ontario
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