District ACT Services

Serves the district

This team of mental health professionals provide highly individualized treatment, rehabilitation and support to people living with severe and persistent mental illness in pursuit of a meaningful recovery.

Help with medication, education, psycho-social rehabilitation, activities of daily living, relationships, vocational rehabilitation, addictions, advocacy and family support is provided.

The ACT model is based on a recovery-oriented, long-term community based intensive case management service with specific eligibility and admission criteria.

It is important to note that referrals to ACT services should not be made with the expectation that the referral will facilitate an early discharge from an inpatient hospital admission.

Other community supports should be considered in discharge planning until ACT services are able to admit clients considered appropriate for ACT services.

Exclusions – These clients would not be considered appropriate for ACT services:

1. Primary diagnosis of personality disorder, substance abuse, developmental disability, or organic disorders (all more appropriately treated by other specialized services).

2. Client is too violent or has other significant risks that would impact safe community care.

3. Client is in long term care/nursing home or Homes for Special Care.

Contact Information

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1 (807) 468-1838
227 Second Street South
Kenora, Ontario
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