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Policy 3.8 | Client/Family Complaints | Client Services Procedures | Published November 22 2010


Clients and family members of Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch are encouraged to provide feedback to Branch Administration and Management. All complaints will be addressed in a constructive manner with the intention of quality improvement.

All employees, students and volunteers will inform clients of their right to make a complaint about services and in regards to the Client Bill of Rights (Appendix AAA within the Program Policies & Procedures).


  1. A client or family member may informally make a direct complaint verbally to their direct service provider or employee of Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch. The complaint will be verbally brought to the attention of the Team Leader or the Executive Director and noted in the client file.
  2. The employee, client or family member and the Team Leader will as soon as possible address the complaint and attempt to resolve the complaint.
  3. A client or family member may provide a written complaint addressed to management of Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch. The written complaint will be reviewed by the Privacy Officer and the Executive Director.
  4. A written response will be provided to the complainant within 30 days which will outline the steps of complaint resolution.
  5. If the complaint involves a sentinel or adverse event (an event that results in unintended harm to the client, and is related to the care and/or services provided to the client rather than to the client’s underlying medical condition), it will be reported to the Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Board of Directors.
  6. All client complaints will be reported to the Client & Family Advisory Committee for review and the Executive Director will provide information on what the resolution has been.

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