The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Kenora Branch invites you to consider being a member of our Client Family Advisory Committee.

CMHA Kenora Branch is dedicated to empowering and collaborating with clients and families in developing and delivering programs and services that reflect their valuable input.

There are two roles that an individual can choose to participate in.

They are the following:

  1. Client Family Advisory Committee regular member
  2. Client Family Advisor

The following below describes each of these roles:

Role of a Client Family Advisory Committee Member:

  1. Discuss how CMHA Kenora Branch can improve services
  2. Look at ways to improve mental health education in the community
  3. Assist in providing feedback to existing programs
  4. Explore better ways to respond to client and family needs within CMHA Kenora Branch
  5. Reviewing policy as requested by the Executive Director
  6. Other agency related items as required
  7. Attend scheduled meetings
  8. Meet the requirements of a CMHA Kenora Branch volunteer

Client Family Advisory Role:

  • A Client Family Advisor provides feedback and input from a lived experience perspective for programming and services of the organization
  • Allows you the opportunity to provide input without committing to attend meetings or meeting the requirements of a CMHA Kenora Branch volunteer
  • You may provide feedback and input once or multiple times

Contact Information

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227 Second Street South
Kenora, Ontario
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