CMHA Kenora Employee Grateful to Take Part in Fishing Event for Frontline Healthcare Workers

CMHA Kenora would like to say thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers of the Fishing with our Frontline Healthcare Workers event that took place on June 28th. Among the frontline healthcare workers selected to enjoy a day of fishing on Lake of the Woods was Taylor Sundin, one of our employees. We are honoured that our frontline mental health staff are being recognized for all the hard work they do and have done throughout the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who made this happen for all the well-deserving health care workers who were selected.

Taylor Sundin is a mental health diversion and court support worker at CMHA Kenora. For several months over the course of the pandemic, she was the sole member of our court support team, and single-handedly supported the program while we recruited for a second position. Like a lot of our staff, she has been instrumental in ensuring that people get the mental health care and support they need, regardless of the influence of COVID-19 and its restrictions.

“When we heard that Taylor was chosen to participate in the event, we were very happy for her,” says Sara Dias, Chief Executive Officer of CMHA Kenora, “She is one of the most upbeat and positive individuals within the agency. Always a smile on her face.”

Taylor described her day on the lake as “a fantastic recharge.”

“It was so nice to gather with frontline workers around Kenora and have a fun day of fishing!” said Taylor, “There were fishing guides that definitely knew the “hot spots” for fishing on the lake, as there was not one boat that came back without their max limit of fish. It seemed like they grouped together workers from different organizations in the boats, so it was wonderful being able to connect with other aspects of healthcare.”

The frontline staff spent the morning fishing and then returned to the White Cap Pavilion, where their guides filleted the fish and volunteers prepared a delicious lunch from their best catches of the day. Taylor was grateful to take part in the experience, saying, “A huge shoutout to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers for the relaxing and rejuvenating day.”

Congratulations to Taylor on being selected for the Fishing with our Frontline Healthcare Workers event. We are incredibly proud of her and the rest of our amazing staff for the work they put in every day to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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