Come Back Better: Practical Strategies to Help Children Experience Resilience in a Post-pandemic World With Dr. Michael Ungar

In this fast-paced, story-filled presentation, Dr. Ungar will provide practical strategies parents, caregivers and educators need to help children cope with the stress caused by the pandemic, no matter a child’s emotional, psychological or behavioral problems.

Building on his clinical work and research on resilience around the world, Dr. Ungar will show that resilience is much more than an individual child’s capacity to overcome adversity. It is also the result of how well children, their families, schools and communities work together to help vulnerable young people develop the rugged qualities and access the resources they need for wellbeing, and whether those resources are made available to children in ways they experience as meaningful.

Date: August 18, 2021 Time: 6:00 pm Click Here to join or

This session will be 45 minutes in length with time after for questions

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