About the rent supplement program

  • Provides rent subsidies to individuals living with
    poor mental health who are homeless or at risk
    of being homeless
  • Provides financial support and housing case
    management to support individuals in obtaining
    and maintaining safe, suitable housing
  • Operates in partnership with the Kenora District
    Services Board and private landlords in Kenora

Two streams of individual need

Mental health and justice

Available to individuals with mental illness involved with the criminal justice system through mental health court diversion or on release from a provincial correctional facility.

Mental health and addictions

Available to individuals with mental illness and/or problematic substance abuse who are homeless or
at risk of being homeless.


Secure income

  • Renting to clients who receive rent supplements is a secure source of income.
  • The portion of the rent coming from CMHA Kenora goes directly to the landlord.
  • If the client is on social assistance, those funds also go directly to the landlord.
  • Landlords can address any concerns with the case manager and rest assured the client will be held accountable in a timely fashion.


  • Ensure rent payments are set up and are processed each month
  • Act as a support to landlord to ensure any tenancy issues are dealt with promptly, effectively and efficiently
  • Maintain regular contact with landlords and to facilitate positive
    working relationships
  • Provide landlords with resources and community services that can assist and respond to after hours tenancy issues
  • Assist client in accessing and maintaining suitable housing
  • Deliver side-by-side life skills coaching, support clients in maintaining their unit, and schedule regular wellness checks in unit with clients


  • Landlords are essential partners who can provide adequate, suitable and affordable housing
  • Our success depends on availability of high-quality housing options for program participants to live in and stabilize while they work towards recovery goals
  • Your participation provides individuals with secure housing, which leads to increased personal safety and helps decrease stress, improved physical and mental well-being, and better mental health outcomes
  • As a landlord, when you rent to participants in our program, you don’t have to deal with tenants one-on-one; housing case managers are there to mitigate risks and provide support, which increases chances of housing success


Housing Coordinator
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Contact Information

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